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Olive Oil tasting

About This Project

Oil Tour & Tasting Lesson
An educational walk through the olive groves and organic orchard that offers visitors a better understanding of the always fascinating traditions and innovations of olive oil. The tour includes: the visit of the olive grove and surrounding areas, the visit to the oil mill (in action during the harvest season in the months of October and November), a video commented the harvest and pressing of olives, followed by a Q & A session. The Tasting Lesson is the oil tasting lesson, a rare and unique opportunity in our area where the following questions are answered: how to taste? How to recognize the aromas? What is the true meaning of the color green? How to identify a good oil in the world? It follows later visiting our shop, where you can find our entire product range along with other peculiarities of different areas of Sicily.
Duration of the Tour and Lesson: 1h15m from depending on your needs and the group.

Available languages: English and Italian



The Official Olio Verde Cooking Class



The official lecture of Green Oil gives the participant a dip in Sicilian cuisine and Italian. A totally interactive and dynamic lessons in the cozy kitchen of the Main Villa followed by lunch or dinner with grilled dishes. The menu to be prepared is one of our official menu. Urge specify that Cooking Class includes and requires participation in The Oil Tour & Tasting Lesson. The Taste Pavilion will host your lesson and the Garden Class Sails Lunch.
Other useful information: the cooking class

Duration: depends on the group, about 1h30m
Available languages: English and Italian

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20 November

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